Walk In Love


Walk In love

1. Crewneck, 2. Long-sleeved Tee, 3. Navy T-shirt, 4. Blue Hoodie, 5. Hope T-shirt

I have been wanting to feature a specific clothing company on Girls With Class for a while now but I could never find one that embodied more than just modest clothing. Until now that is. Walk In Love started out as one man’s way to raise money for a missions trip and since then has exploded into a globally-reaching company. Their high-quality products with strong, encouraging messages spread the love of Christ every day.

Why do I love Walk In Love? They mission is clear, their hearts are pure, and products a wonderful. Some of my favorite pieces of clothing are shown above.

Do you have a favorite clothing line with a positive message?


Winter Fashion: Plaid and Flannel

Plaid and FlannelOne of my favorite styles this winter (even though its not winter… but it might as well be…) is plaid/flannel. Especially flannel because it’s warm, and I’ve been needing warm lately. Not only are these blouses functional and fashionable, they are modest (just make sure to keep it buttoned up)! Also, when paired with a plain or graphic tee underneath, you can create a whole new outfit (see bottom left image). So here are 5 reasons why you should buy a plaid or flannel shirt…

1. They’re adorable

2. They’re warm (even just plaid is pretty warm)

3. They’re functional

4. They’re practical (you can make so many outfits from one shirt)

5. They’re warm (did I already use that one? Well it counts for two because it’s important)

Warm and Cozy

I’m not sure if it’s the sudden transformation of fall to winter but I’ve been finding myself drawn to big, fuzzy, cozy scarves. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorites.

Grey Scarf

Buy this scarf @ Nordstrom

I really like this scarf simply for it’s simplicity. It’s a really great color that will go with almost anything. Also, because it’s made of Acrylic material, it will provide some stretch but it won’t lose it’s shape.

White Scarf

Buy this beauty @ American Eagle

This scarf is my personal favorite. It’s a great color that is sure to go with pretty much anything. Also, because of it’s weight and material it can be worn with a coat or just as an accessory.

Brown Scarf

Buy this masterpiece @ Etsy

I picked this scarf for its unique color. While it’s good to have versatile items in your wardrobe, it never hurts to have something a little unique/fun.

In my previous post (see it here) I talked about how great scarves are for covering up *ahem* things. These three shown above are not exception. Plus they’ll keep you warm cozy during this cold winter months. It’s a win win!

What are some of your favorite scarf styles?