Tips For Your Modest Wardrobe

Modesty is a term that has come to be associated with many things. Most of them being negative. When someone brings up the word modesty, our brains automatically think of terms such as: My Grandmother, the 1800s, old-fashioned, ugly, and so on. What many individuals don’t realize though, is that a person can be both modest and fashionable. I know, it’s crazy. Here are a few tips on how to have both a fashionable wardrobe and a modest one.

1. Layer It

(image from The Hunt)

Good news friends! Layers are as in as they’ve ever been. You can pair a sweater with a cute button down to either add length to your top or make use of a low cut sweater.

2. Maxi

Cute maxi skirt outfit for winter! I'd definitely need a jacket though!

(image from Gurl)

Maxi skirts (and dresses) are inexplicably adorable (not to mention COMFORTABLE) and they’re the perfect way to look both stylish and modest.

3. Cover it with a scarf

55+ Fall Outfit Ideas, super cute clothing inspiration for fall!

(image from This Silly Girl’s Life)

Scarves aren’t simply a fashion item, they are great cover ups. If ever you find yourself looking to cover something up, scarves fit the bill perfectly.


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